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16th Japan International SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition (JISSE-16)

15th Japan International SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition (JISSE-15)

Symposium: Nov. 27-29, 2017 @ Tokyo Fashion Town Bldg., Tokyo, Japan
Exhibition: Nov.29-Dec.1,2017 @ Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
The 14th Japan International SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition (JISSE-14)
"Fortunate Life with Advanced Materials"

Date:6 (Sun.) to 9 (Wed.), in December 2015
Location:Shiinoki Cultural Complex (in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan)

Date:2 (Wed.) to 4 (Fri.), in December 2015
Location:Tokyo Big Sight (in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Please refer to the URL below for further details; For symposium
For Exhibition
SAMPE JAPAN 2015 Exhibition Detail
We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo and Kanazawa.
JISSE-13 (13th Japan International SAMPE Symposium & Exhibition) : Report

The 13th Japan International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition – JISSE 13 – was held November 6-8 in Tokyo, and November 11-13 in Nagoya, Japan. Chaired by Prof. Takashi Ishikawa, President of SAMPE Japan Region, the event was held under the theme “A Giant Bridge From Practice and High Volume to Science and High Performance.” It was the first attempt in JISSE’s history to geographically separate a symposium and an exhibition, and for the symposium to be held outside Tokyo.

The exhibition was held first at East Hall of Tokyo International Exhibition Hall – Tokyo Big Site. It was jointly organized with Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. International Robot Exhibition 2013, Vacuum 2013, and International Magnesium Exhibition were also held simultaneously at the same venue. The scope of the exhibit was “Advanced materials and their technologies that realize weight reduction and high strength in various fields including automotive, aerospace, etc.” There were 69 exhibitors including 3 major carbon fiber companies, composite manufacturers, composite fabrication equipment manufacturers, composite trading companies, and composite software companies. In the special display zone, a CFRP concept car, Moma, from Challenge Corporation, the Japanese launch vehicle, H2-B, and the world’s largest pitch-based CFRP roll were exhibited. Six special lectures including Airbus A350XWB and BMWi, and 9 basic lectures on CFRP presented at the special stage won great admiration from participants.

Eleven workshops by exhibitors were also carried out at the workshop zone. The number of registrants at the SAMPE show was 20,471 and more than 115,000 participants visited the exhibition venue in three days.
The symposium was then held at WINC-Aichi Conference Hall in Nagoya City. The conference attracted 123 speakers and over 250 participants, making it the most successful conference in recent years. The first day began with the plenary lecture from the Boeing Company on “Beyond 787: Developing the future structures and materials that shape aerospace” followed by 4 attractive keynote lectures. Four technical sessions contained health monitoring, engineering applications, lightning and other impact, and future challenging technologies. A tutorial lecture on automated fiber placement and robotics technology was also held and attracted 23 participants. For students, two events were held at the conference. In the student competition session, eight papers were presented and two papers from Tokyo University were awarded by SAMPE Japan Region President. In Bridge Contest, 7 teams from 6 universities entered and Giso-Lab team from Tokyo University won the championship. The conference banquet was held in the evening at Castle Plaza hotel, where the participants enjoyed Japanese Busho (a commander of samurai army) show. The second day comprised of two keynote lectures and 11 sessions. In the coffee area sponsored by Tokyo Technologies, Inc., several posters and mini exhibits were displayed. On the same day, the first SAMPE global board of directors – BOD meeting was held which is an event worthy of a special mention.

On Wednesday 13th, Post Conference Tour was held. 80 participants first visited Tobishima Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., and watched the current status of Mitsubishi MRJ-90, Japan’s first jet-powered regional passenger aircraft. They also visited Toray Automotive Composite Center to watch composites development activities for automobiles and National Composite Center in Nagoya University to watch newly equipped R & D facilities for automobiles and aerospace.
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