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The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE®) is a global high technology society. In Japan SAMPE Japan is under the SAMPE Global (Headquarters of SAMPE in America).
SAMPE Japan is the center of material technology, processing and application, R&D, production, usage information as well as education.
SAMPE Japan also provides forums such as discussions, information exchange and tours.
Through these activities, SAMPE visions to contribute for the benefit of all members.

The main business includes the following.
・ holding of an international conference (JISSE and JISTES)
・ holding of technical information exchange meeting (referred to as a regular meeting)
・ Symposium, seminars, research meetings, held tours
・ SAMPE Journal, Journal of Advanced Materials, distribution of such SAMPE headquarters journals, as well as the association newsletter, News Letter, distribution and publishing, such as membership list
Inauguration Address
Kazuro Kageyama
The Presisdent of the SAMPE Japan Region
When I joined the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (MITI) as a research official in 1981, the first Japanese national project on composite materials was being launched. Since that time, technology of advanced composite materials has been making progress in Japan with some bumps and detours along the way.  Recently, composite materials have received attention again across the globe.  Reinforcements, new combinations of reinforcements and matrix resins, advanced fabrication processes and application technologies for various industrial products have been developed in Japan and worldwide. These developments will create a new value chain of advanced materials relating to upstream and downstream industries, and they will require a broad and cross-sectional approach to research. SAMPE Japan Region aspires to fulfil the role of the advocate for the cross-sectional research and development.

Safe, eco-friendly and energy saving composite materials are required for sustainable and resilient society.  The composite society must respond to the social expectations for safety, health and environment.  SAMPE Japan Region offers a platform for the exchange of information between members, but we believe that we must also have a new mission to serve the public.  We would like to provide knowledge not only to members but also to the public, about the advantages and disadvantages, and the impact on health and environment of advanced materials and their applications.

In addition, I think it is very important to cultivate human resources in the Japanese composite industry.  SAMPE Japan Region has an agenda to implement a human resource development program which offers skill upgrade support to young workers who are full of passion for composite technology and have a future plan for new products, new processes, or new businesses.

Professor Takashi Ishikawa, former President of Japan Region, emphasized the role and position of Japan Region in SAMPE Global.  I will carry out my responsibility appropriate to the position as President of Japan Region.
SAMPE Japan Directors
(July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020)
President Kazuro Kageyama The University of Tokyo
Vice President Hiroyuki Hamada Kyoto Institute of Technology
Vice President / Global Board Director Tsuyoshi Ozaki Composites R & D, Co., Ltd.
Vice President Gen Ishikawa ACM, Inc.
Director, JISSE Yutaka Iwahori Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Treasurer & Secretary Yoshiaki Someya Akebono Shoji Co., Ltd.
Director, Planning Committee Kiyoshi Uzawa Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Director, Technical Conference Shin Utsunomiya National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Director, Composites Committee Kazuto Tanaka Doshisha University
Director, Membership & Publicity Committee Yasunari Kuratani KADO Corporation
Director, Bylaws Committee Hajime Noguchi former Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.
Director, Financial Management Kozo Kimura Sika Ltd.
Director, Awards Committee Kiyoshi Enomoto The Material Process Technology Center
Director, Student Committee Masamichi Kawai University of Tsukuba
SAMPE Global Member
Global Executive Vice President Takashi Ishikawa Nagoya University
Global Cabinet Member Kazuro Kageyama The University of Tokyo
Global Director Tsuyoshi Ozaki Composites R & D, Co., Ltd.
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