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The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE®) is a global high technology society. In Japan SAMPE Japan is under the SAMPE Global (Headquarters of SAMPE in America).
SAMPE Japan is the center of material technology, processing and application, R&D, production, usage information as well as education.
SAMPE Japan also provides forums such as discussions, information exchange and tours.
Through these activities, SAMPE visions to contribute for the benefit of all members.

The main business includes the following.
・ holding of an international conference (JISSE and JISTES)
・ holding of technical information exchange meeting (referred to as a regular meeting)
・ Symposium, seminars, research meetings, held tours
・ SAMPE Journal, Journal of Advanced Materials, distribution of such SAMPE headquarters journals, as well as the association newsletter, News Letter, distribution and publishing, such as membership list
Inauguration Address
Tsuyoshi Ozaki
The Presisdent of the SAMPE Japan Region
The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Japan Region established as SAMPE Japan Chapter in 1984 will mark their 35th anniversary in 2019. During this period, applications of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which has positioned itself as a dominant advanced material, have also expanded from space and sports products in the initial stage to various machinery parts. In the last decades, CFRP has been used extensively in aircraft. Today, CFRP applications have further expanded to mass-produced products such as automobiles and electrical products.

A key to this expansion is enhancement of productivity considering costs. For instance, prolonged molding time in production has been a bottleneck for thermosetting resin. Today, however, resins that can harden in one to two minutes have started appearing in the market successively. New short-time forming technologies, such as the High-Pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) method and the Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), fully-automated laminating process technology needing no manpower, and thermoplastic resin composite materials with excellent impact resistance, are in the stage of being put to practical use.

SAMPE has been pursuing the advancement of not only materials (M) but also process engineering (PE). SAMPE is fully immersed in this trend and is in a position to actively promote and support the implementation of advanced composite materials. SAMPE Japan is committed to develop advanced materials by revitalizing its activities to effectively match the needs for new materials of the members, who are consumers of materials used in the manufacture of products and parts with useful technologies proposed by members who produce the materials.
SAMPE Japan Directors
(July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020)
President Tsuyoshi Ozaki Composites R&D, Co., Ltd.
Immediate Past President Kazuro Kageyama Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Vice President Kazuto Tanaka Doshisha University
Vice President Hideo Morita IHI Corporation
Vice President Yoshio Aoki Nihon University
Director, JISSE Tomohiro Yokozeki The University of Tokyo
Treasurer & Secretary Yoshiaki Someya Akebono Trading Co., Ltd.
Global Board of Director Shin Utsunomiya
Director, Planning Committee Yasunari Kuratani Kado Corporation
Director, Technical Conference Akira Isoe R&D Institute of Metal and Composites for Future Industries
Director, Composites Committee Takeshi Tanamura Shikibo Ltd.
Director, Financial Management Toshikazu Uchida Uchida Co., Ltd.
Director, Membership & Publicity Committee Gota Hanyuda Hanyuda Co.,Ltd.
Director, Bylaws Committee Shin Utsunomiya
Director,Awards Committee Kozo Kimura Sika Ltd.
Director, Student Committee Hitoshi Fukagawa Gifu University
SAMPE Global Member
Global Executive Vice President Kazuro Kageyama Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Global Cabinet Member Tsuyoshi Ozaki Composites R&D, Co., Ltd.
Global Director Shin Utsunomiya
Global Past President Toshio Tanimoto Shonan Institute of Technology
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